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How Social Media Presence Can Build Your Business

09-November-2017 0:33
in Learning & Development
by Alex Barrow

In an age of technology and advertising, the need for reach, engagement and conversion is all part of an everyday professional conversation. Social media is at the heart of brand awareness, and without it, brands are missing out on a vital component on their road to success. On top of that, it’s the cheapest form of advertising and, depending on your media strategy, this can be the key factor in making your business grow.

Social media, in a nutshell, is the perfect opportunity to give clients, customers, and prospects an insight into your brand. While the traditional ‘elevator pitch’ is fine in a face value conversation, if a potential customer wants to get to know your brand, they are guaranteed to research your social media handles and website.

Audiences love to see an insight into a brand, and are more likely to engage when they view them as approachable, down-to-earth and trustworthy. Social media gives customers and prospects an opportunity to see the other side. The digital ability to reach out to prospects outdates cold-calling, brochures and other traditional lead strategies. These platforms are the most popular social spaces, each with different tools to aid your business effectively:

  • LinkedIn – The most popular platform for professionals. Publishing insightful articles, statuses and photos demonstrating company culture are commonplace. Look to your employees for inspiration and ideas – what can you do that’s outside of the box?
  • Facebook – With over 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the king of social media. This platform has been known in the past for its success in promoting a range of content however, in the digital era of today, images and video creative is at the forefront of successful and engaging content.
  • Instagram – Following on from the above statement, Instagram is the home of all things visual. With its recent addition of Instagram stories, this gives businesses an opportunity to share the everyday life of their work environment. It comes back down to customers seeing the other side and being able to relate to your business, your brand, and your staff.

As Facebook and Instagram have developed over the years, their business capabilities have been helping professionals grow their brands and customers bases. These platforms have given businesses the ability to engage directly with their customers in real time, and break down barriers of traditional advertising.       

Your portrayal across your business social media handles is the virtual voice to your customer base. It’s a good tool to use to build brand loyalty, and gives you an easy insight into what your customers find beneficial, need help with or dislike. When you care about your customers and show this through your social media output, you’ll find a positive impact on your customer relations, and growth in your business and brand.