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How to format your resume

24-April-2018 2:44
in Learning & Development
by Emily Hatty

When building or fixing your resume, here are a few things to remember:

  • Name and contact info

Up the top, and in the header of each page


  • Make it easy to read!

A manager isn’t going to spend time trying to piece together your experience on a badly formatted resume. You Need to make your achievements and old roles stand out.


One great way to format is



Dates you worked there (written in full)

And then list your Roles, Responsibilities and Achievements in succinct and efficient dot points.

Choose fonts and colours that are easy to absorb. (Steer clear of Fluro)


  • List jobs and roles in Chronological order

A functional resume format (where jobs are listed by role) makes it difficult to see job progress and most recent work history.


  • Education

Just list your degrees and any other qualifications obtained since high school, the University that granted you them, and the year you completed. Delving into specific coursework and classes is unnecessary. 

Be picky about listing further certificates and education. Only put down substantial qualifications, don’t bother with those ‘2-week seminar’ lists.


  • Keep it short!

Your resume should not be more than 2-3 pages with a lot of experience behind you. If you’re a recent graduate, one page is enough to cover all the information.


  • Sell yourself

Your resume reflects your professional self. Make sure it’s well presented, professional and efficient.